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Liverpool Gardening Testimonials

Emma Fowler Rating

My garden was a wreck. I haven't maintained it for over a year, the dogs pretty much destroyed all flower beds, there were weeds, overgrown shrubs, you name it. Normally, I'd try to fix it by myself, but I knew I needed a pro. So, searching online, I've found Gardening Services Liverpool. They surpassed my expectations. Their gardeners were prompt and efficient, and the price was reasonable for the job done. They did a great work and now my backyard not only looks OK, it looks amazing!

Daniel Stevens Rating

Lawn mowing looked quite simple for me before I tried to do it myself. Yep, it requires skills and free time, which I don’t have. But now my lawn looks just like the way I want it and all thanks to you. What a joyful experience it is to work with your gardening teams.

Aimee Scott Rating

The gardening you provide is perfectly organised and I feel safe with your services. I trust you for every garden maintenance task that involves lawn mowing, trimming and pruning. I will definitely call you the next time.

Ethan Atkinson Rating

I'm very happy regular customer. This is the company I call at the beginning of every season to maintain and clean the gutter system of my house. Helpful customer care agents, skilled gutter cleaning technicians, great price and discounts for multiple sessions. Wonderful experience!

Libby Rees Rating

I’m glad I trusted you with the regular garden maintenance. Now, the backyard is our favourite place for family gatherings, for me to relax and for the kids to play. Thank you ;-)

Sophie Osborne Rating

I’m so happy the end results of your garden clearance service matched my expectations. Your gardeners followed my requirements and really kept their promises.

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